Expert's Advice


Q. How can I ensure a professional flooring installation?

A. Reputable flooring dealers should be able to provide well trained and experienced installation crews. Make sure the dealer knows the installers personally, and the quality of work they provide. You should also receive a written workmanship warranty. Clarify with the flooring dealer what work the installers will do, and what you can do to prepare for installation day. Ask lots of questions to ensure a reasonable understanding of the installation process. 

Q. Can a hardwood floor be installed without nailing or gluing it to the subfloor?

A. Many engineered hardwood floors can be installed by "floating" it over an underlay ( which will also provide warmth and acoustical benefits). This is especially beneficial in basements or when you are not permitted to permanently bond the hardwood to the subfloor (e.g. some apartments or condominiums) . Once installed, floated hardwood floors look and perform just like any other hardwood floors.

Q. I'd like to get a stone look floor, but was wondering if there was something softer I could use. Any recommendations?

A. Check out VeroStone. This premium engineered stone has a stone or ceramic look with the warmth and comfort of vinyl. VeroStone is domestically made with limestone, and has a no-wax durable surface. It's rounded edges provide the option to install using acrylic grout. VeroStone doesn't require sealing, is easy to maintain, and is available in a variety of sizes and colours.

Q. Carpeting seems to be an excellent value when compared to other flooring products. Can you explain some of the benefits of carpeting?

 A. Carpeting is the softest, warmest, and quietest flooring product. It is generally the least expensive flooring product to have installed, and carpeting is quite easy to maintain (vacuuming and periodic spot/steam cleaning). Better quality carpeting and cushion (with expert installation and strong warranties) will perform better, but will cost you a bit more. Carpet styling can be classic and elegant, relaxed and casual, tough and durable, or unusual and trendsetting.

Q. I've heard that you can buy leather floors for your home. Does such a floor exist?

A.Yes they do! With easy installation and easy maintenance, leather floors can be used anywhere in your home. Made of 100% recycled leather, these floors are available in both tile and plank shapes. Leather floors come in a diverse selection of natural leather grains and colours.These elegant, contemporary floors feature an attached cork backing and a 25 year residential wear warranty. 

Q. Should I buy carpet by how much it weighs?

 A. Probably not. Buying carpet by the ounce weight can be misleading. Some carpets of equal weight are short and dense, while others (like plushes and shags) are long and loose. Each type of carpet would have different expectations in terms of performance, ease of maintenance, comfort, and style. They are simply not the same! The carpet's fibre type and warranty can also differ. Ask your flooring consultant to explain the differences.

Q. Is there a linoleum floor that is easy to install?

 A. Yes there is! 12"x36"click panels and 12"x12" click tiles are available from Marmoleum. These natural products are ecologically produced, and come in a wide range of colours. Manufactured on a dense core with an attached cork backing, linoleum click floors can be easily installed on almost any flat surface (without the need for adhesives or heat-welded seams). They also have a durable, protective finish for easy maintenance.

Q. Is berber carpeting a good  option for my home?

A. The looped appearance of a berber carpet suits certain lifestyles, while others may prefer carpeting with a classic or contemporary styling. Berbers are most commonly made with olefin, wool, or nylon fibres and are available in a variety of colours, textures, and patterns. Berber's excellent performance characteristics make it a favourite for basements and family rooms, but because of it's continuous loop, caution should be exercised if using a berber in homes with pets.

Q. I'm looking for a easy to install, waterproof floor. Is there anything new that will suit my needs?

A. Yes there is! It's called Bronte, and it is available in both wood plank and tile look patterns. Made from 85% recycled material, the core of this floor won't absorb moisture. This makes Bronte ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, and basements. The panels lock together and no underlayment is required. Bronte is also durable, affordable, and easy to maintain.

Q. What are advantages of getting pre-finished hardwood flooring installed (vs unfinished wood floors)?

A. Pre-finished hardwood floors are stained and finished in a factory controlled environment, prior to it arriving at your home.This ensures a consistently higher level of quality over unfinished wood floors in both appearance and performance. Pre-finished hardwood floors are also available in a much wider assortment of styles and textures.
Pre-finished hardwood floors can usually be installed in one day, while unfinished wood floors will need to be sanded, stained, and finished (with appropriate drying times) after the wood is physically installed. 

Q. What are the benefits of buying no-wax vinyl flooring?

A. Today's no-wax vinyl floorings are very beautiful and maintenance friendly. They also represent great value economically, especially when compared to other flooring surfaces. No-wax vinyl flooring is resistant to rips, tears, gouges, and scratches, and the flex floor type systems make for an easier, more versatile installation (with better comfort underfoot).

Q. I've heard about the new "super soft" carpets. Are they as good as advertised?

A. Yes they are! These carpets ( such as Tigressa Cherish and Innovia Touch) are using microfibers that are engineered to be the softest, yet they do not compromise the fiber's strength. The filaments used are actually so fine ( 20% as thick as ordinary carpet filaments) that they allow for more fibers per square inch of carpet. This results in a softer, plusher, and stronger carpet with amazing stain and fade resistance.  

Q. Will any vacuum be suitable for my new carpet?

A. Not necessarily. Many of today's carpets are made with very fine and super soft fibres. The increased density of these carpets can restrict the airflow of your vacuum and make it somewhat difficult to use. Vacuums with adjustable heights, wider wheels, adjustable speeds, roller control, and lighter weights may be necessary for optimum maintenance. Be careful with vacuums that are overly aggressive.

Q. Why should I consider Just Shorn New Zealand Wool carpeting?

A. Being shorn from sheep, wool is the only authentic, naturally sustainable carpet fibre. New Zealand Wool is the world's finest strong wool. It is beautiful, soft & luxurious, affordable, and naturally crush, stain, and soil resistant. Just Shorn wool carpet also repels mold and mildew, and regulates the moisture in your home during both humid and dry conditions ( making for a healthier home environment). It is also hypo-allergenic and bio-degradable.

Q. How do I know if I'm buying a good quality laminate floor or a cheap one?

A. Good quality laminate floors feature a durable surface, tight seam joints, dimensional stability, co-ordinating transition pieces, realistic visuals, and a strong written warranty. Like many products, when purchasing a laminate floor, you generally get what you pay for! Unfortunately you often won't discover immediately that the "bargain" laminates are typically difficult to install and prone to separating and chipping.


Q. I've seen advertising from other stores promoting free flooring installations . Can this be true?

A. Professional flooring installers are paid for their services, just like any other trained and skilled tradesmen. "Free" (or cheap)installation costs would therefore need to be buried in the cost of materials (or in other installation costs). Quality flooring technicians pay for training, insurance, vehicles, gas, equipment, supplies, and for any additional labourers they may require.

These types of promotions undermine the value of the hard work and experience that a professional installer provides.

Q. I need some area rugs for my hard surface floors. Is there a way to do this within my tight budget?

A. Yes there is. Machine made area rugs are quite affordable. Area rugs using synthetic fibres such as nylon, olefin, and polyester are durable and easy to maintain. They are also generally less expensive than rugs made from wool. Area rugs come in a variety of sizes and will provide warmth, softness, sound absorption, and beauty. Another option to consider is to make custom area rugs by getting the edges bound on wall to wall carpeting or carpet remnants.

Q. I like the look of ceramic and porcelain floor tiles, but find that they are very hard and sometimes cold. What are my options? 

A. Electric floor heating systems may be able to keep these types of tiles warm, but they will still be hard. For tile visuals, take a look at softer surfaces such as no-wax vinyl flooring, luxury vinyl tiles, or laminate flooring. Check out the luxury vinyl tiles that can be grouted. They look great! These floors are maintenance friendly, and any floor with "cushion" will also have some insulating properties to help keep your floor warmer.

Q. Are steam mops suitable for my hardwood floors?

A.  Not from the flooring industry perspective. While steam mop manufacturers recommend their products for hardwood and laminate floors, these flooring manufacturers do not. You need to follow their recommended cleaning methods and solutions used to keep your floor's warranty intact. Steam mops force hot water into the floor's joints, cracks, or worn finish areas. This can result in swelling, warping, or delamination of the hardwood or laminate floor.

Q. Will the seams in my carpeting installation be invisible?

A. While carpet seams are sometimes "invisible", you cannot guarantee that they will be every time. The installer is taking two or more pieces of carpet and putting them together. On long, loose piled carpets such as shags it would be much easier to disguise a seam than it would be on a short piled carpet.

What you should expect every time is for the carpet seam to be cut straight, leaving as many carpet tufts as possible in the seam area. The seam should be sealed to prevent delamination, then seamed flat using a good quality hot melt tape. Once cooled, the carpet installation can continue. There is no substitute for experience.

Q. The floating installation of engineered wood floors seems like a good idea. What are their features?

A. Many engineered floors can be installed by "floating" them over an underlay. They can be glued together or clicked together depending on their joint technology. "Click" floors are quick and easier to install and can often be un-clicked and reinstalled elsewhere. Engineered wood floors come in a beautiful assortment of species, colours and finishes. These floors can yield up to 30 times more flooring per tree than conventional wood floors, representing outstanding environmental thinking. Add in durability, versatility and ease of maintenance and you can see why engineered wood floors are growing in popularity.

Q. What types of flooring can I install over electric under floor heating systems?

A. Ceramic tiles, carpet, laminate and floating wood floors can be installed over electric under floor heating systems. As long as the finished flooring can absorb the thickness of the heating mat or cable (via cushion, mortar), then these systems can be used to provide heat to the flooring directly above it. Not well suited for electric under floor heating are floors that have to be glued down (e.g. sheet vinyl - adhesion is compromised) or nailed down (e.g. solid hardwood - nailing could damage the heating system).

Q. I've heard that there are vinyl tiles that can be grouted. Is this a good option?

A. It is an excellent option if you are talking about luxury vinyl tiles with optional grouting (stay clear of the low quality / peel and stick types). Luxury vinyl tiles allow for a warm, comfortable, high performance and easy care floor that can be grouted to capture a true natural stone or ceramic tile look. These tiles are glued in place, then grouted with premixed, stain and crack resistant specialty grouts.


Q. What can protect carpeting from stains?

A. While improvements have been made in the stain resistance of carpeting, in areas of your home where stains are highly probable it is best to follow a maintenance routine and to have a carpet with a no-exclusions stain warranty. The 10 year EverGuard Stain Protection Plan supplies you with the 3M Stain Removal Kit, the 3M Service Center toll-free number, a visit from a stain removal expert ( if necessary), and if all else fails...replacement of the carpet. No type of stain is excluded. Ask your flooring consultant for more details. 

Q. How much colour consistency can I expect when buying hardwood flooring?

A. Generally, only as much as nature allows. Natural products such as hardwood, cork, and stone floors will vary in colour from board to board or from tile to tile. Wood and cork are milled from trees, and stone tiles from the earth. Colour consistency then becomes a matter of sorting like grades ( the amount of character marks). It is more difficult to get clear product, so you should expect to pay a premium ( but still cannot guarantee perfection). For the best in colour consistency, look at man made products such as laminate, vinyl, and porcelain tiles and planks. 

Q. What can I use to look after my no wax vinyl floors?

A. Sweep your floor regularly to remove dirt and grit and be sure to wipe up spills promptly. Occasionally mop your floor with a cleaning solution recommended by vinyl floor manufacturers.  Be certain not to use products containing soap, detergent or abrasive products. These can leave a dulling film or scratches on the surface of your floor. 

Q. Should I use a beater bar when vacuuming my berber carpet?

A. Probably not.  Carpets with a thick loop pile construction (and especially those with wool fibres) may be sensitive to the brushing or rubbing of the pile surface that a beater bar or rotating brush vacuum will administer.  The surface may become fuzzy or tufts could be dislodged from the backing.  For these products (and also those with a combination thick or thin or cable yarn), a suction only vacuum is recommended. 

Q.  How long will it take for me to buy a new floor and get it installed?

A. The typical process involves viewing product samples and having an estimator come to your home to verify sizes and the current floor condition (we provide this at no charge and both can be done at the same time). When the order is placed, lead times can vary from immediate (on site) or up to 2 weeks (custom order). Back orders are infrequent. We then anticipate the arrival time of the material and schedule the appropriate installation crew accordingly. 

Q. Are "green" flooring products vailable?

A. Yes they are, and more and more "green" products are available everyday! Carpet One uses the following GreenSelect product Cirteria:
GRN1: Products using a percentage of recycled (pre & post consumer) content.  e.g. carpeting, laminate floors.
GRN2: Products that can be recycled. e.g. undercushion, carpeting.
GRN3: Products using natural, sustainable or quickly renewable materials. e.g. cork and bamboo floors, wool carpeting and area rugs, linoleum floors.
Flooring manufacturers are continually developing products that fit these criteria. 

Q. What is new in hardwood flooring?

A. There is an all new high performance wood called Forever Hardwood.  This product features a thermally fused scratch resistant layer and a beautiful, furniture quality sliced veneer that is impregnated with melamine.  The result is a high density finish that is 4 times more dent resistant and 5 times more impact resistant than ordinary hardwood.  Forever Hardwood is also stain resistant and is 43% more fade resistant than typical wood floors. 

Q. What's popular in cushioned no wax vinyl floors?

A. The ultimate in cushoned viny no wax floors are "flex" floors such as Earthscape.  These floors have an enhanced dimensional stability which enables them to be installed with a "release" adhesive,or with no adhesive at all.  The thicker construction of these floors offer superior comfort underfoot and quietness.
Earthscapes comes in a variety of natural look stone and wood designs.  They are moisture resistant, easy to maintain and feature 15 to 25 year warranties against wear, fade,stain, tears and indentations.

Q. What feature does a quality carpet cushion provide?

A. A quality carpet cushion (or underpad) is an essential foundation that protects your investment by extending both the beauty and life of your carpet (by acting like a shock absorber to foot traffic).  Cushion improves comfort levels, makes vacuuming more efficient, reduces noise levels, provides insulating qualities and protects your carpets warranty.  Some cushions are anti-microbial and hypoallergenic and newer technologies help prevent spills from seeping to the floor below (which makes cleaning your carpet easier). 

Q. What should I look for when choosing underlay for my floating hardwood or laminate flooring?

A. Hard surface flooring underlay can provide many benefits, some better than others.  If noise reduction is preferred or mandatory, look for underlays with a high Impact Insulation Class and/or Sound Transmission Class rating.  Underlay can also provide protection for the floor from subfloor moisture, some levelling function (which lessens the stress on the locking joint of the floating floor), cushioning and "R" value (minimal). 

Q. What improvements are being made to laminate flooring?

A. The newest look in laminate flooring is of restoration wood plank visuals.  These designs are so realistic, you could swear they were actual barn wood.  You certainly do not get this degree of beauty in cheap, bargain laminates.
In addition, these newer, high quality laminate floors will excel in terms of indentation resistance and joint integrity (better quality core construction), durability and ease of maintenance. 

Q. What are the benefits of luxury vinyl planks and tiles?

A. Luxury vinyl planks and tiles come in very realistic designs such as wood, slate, stone and tile.  They are extremely versatile for creating patterns and border designs, and some of the tiles can even be grouted for a more authentic tile look.  Luxury vinyl planks and tiles are much thicker than their self stick predecessors and they are glued down (some can be clicked together and floated) to ensure an excellent installation.  They feature superior dent and scratch resistance, as well as easy no wax maintenance.

Q. I cannot decide between laminate flooring and prefinished hardwood flooring.  Do you have any recommendations?

A. You must carefully consider the type of use and traffic the floor will receive and the look you would like to achieve.  Prefinished hardwood floors offer a durable easy to maintain finish, along with a beautiful real wood visual.  Good quality laminate floors have superior indentation, fade resistance and the latest generation of laminate floors are the most beautiful and realistic looking to date. 

Q. Why should I consider wool carpeting?

A. Being shorn from sheep, wool is the only authentic naturally sustainable carpet fibre.  Wool carpets are beautiful, luxurious and soft to the touch.  They are naturally crush, stain and soil resistant.  Wool carpets are also hypo-allergenic, biodegradable and affordable.

Q. Will the synthetic "soft" fibres in carpeting stand up to high traffic conditions?

A. Yes they will, as long as the construction of the carpet is adequate. Many of the premium fibres (such as Stainmaster Tactesse nylon, Evertex triexta, Solutia Wear-Dated Dura Soft nylon and Tigressa nyoln) still carry the enhanced performance warranties they have always had. The added benefit is a much softer feeling, luxurious carpet. 

Q. What should I consider when shopping for a hardwood floor?

A. With proper care your hardwood floor should last for many years, so you need to consider whether hardwood is the right floor for the rooms in question.  You can then carefully consider the following:  colour, wood species (for grain types, hardness,etc), surface textures, durability, warranty, board width/edge types (bevelled vs square), gloss levels and construction/installation method (solid woods are generally nailed/stapled, while engineered hardwood can often be stapled, glued or floated).

Q. What innovations are new in floating floors?

A. Adura LockSolid is a waterproof luxury vinyl plank featuring the look and elegance of wood.  It features a simple, patented "click together" technology with unparallelled joint strength.  Adura LockSolid has a 20 year warranty and can be installed in areas that other vinyl planks will fail, as there are no adhesives or self stick strips.

Q. Are there any new innovations in carpeting?

A. Yes there is!  The redesigned "Relax it's...Lees" collection features EverTex, a revolutionary fibre that offers permanent stain protection that won't wash or wear off (unlike the topical treatments that other ordinary carpets have.)  The flexible yarn system in EverTex also features a soft downy touch.  Lees is a carpet like no other with a warranty to match.  It comes with the 120 day Beautiful Guarantee.

Q. Will replacing my carpeting with hardwood or laminate flooring help my allergies?

A. While it is true that hard surface floors themselves do not create airborne particals, if the hardwood or laminate is not cleaned thoroughly and consistently, the dust that lands on it is free to travel easily thru the air.  This may actually create a worse situation than carpeting, which can entrap this dust until it is vacuumed.

Q. What styling trends are you seeing in carpeting?

A. The hottest trend in carpeting is with soft fibres being used in a "softer" plush construction.  These carpets feature longer tufts (not as long as shag!) with extra twist giving it a cozy, sophisticated look.  The new soft feeling fibres are strong and stain resistant and add a uniqueness to these carpets that has never been seen before.

Q. Floor tile sizes and vinyl floor patterns are generally quite large.  Does this cause a problem if we are getting a small area installed?

A.  It usually will not be a problem that can't be overcome by colour choice or creative installation.  Most tile for floors are 12"x12" or larger.  Choose lighter colours to open up the room, or consider having the tiles installed on a diagonal to make the layout less awkward. 

Q. What's new in carpet technology?

A. Tigressa Soft Syle carpets made with Tigressa nylon offers exceptional strength and ultimate softness.  These carpets get it's silky softness by using preceision engineered filaments that are half the size of a human hair.  These dense microfibres allow more daily abuse to be spread out over more individual fibres, so it will show less matting and crushing than other nylon carpets.  Tigressa's patented colour enhancement system protects each fibre and allows for deeper colour texture.

 Q. What are some of the benefits of cork flooring?

A. Cork floors are quiet, comfortable and easy to maintain.  They are impact and indentation, resistant and as a natural insulator, cork floors are warmer to the touch.  They have a natural visual much like hardwood floors and are now available in a variety of patterns and stain colours.
Cork is not only a renewable resource but as a floor that can actually be taken apart and moved elsewhere, cork flooring is one of the most environmentally friendly flooring options available.

Q. Is there any product available to help remove urine odours caused by pets?

A. Yes there is!  Urine-Off is a product developed specifically to eliminate urine odours.  It is bio-enzymatic, works on both hard and soft surfaces and is effective on both fresh and old stains.  You can actually make your home Black Light Clan.  See or call our store for details.

Q.  What are the benefits of engineered hardwood floors?

A.  Engineered hardwood floors are more dimensionally stable than 3/4" solid hardwood floors.  They are less vulnerable to expansion and contraction as moisture levels in your home change.  Engineered hardwood floors have more installation options (they can be glued down or floated in most cases, while 3/4" solid wood floors should not), are usually more indentation resistant and can still be sanded and refinished 1-2 times (if ever required).  

Q. Can a new no-wax vinyl floor be installed on top of my existing vinyl flooring?

A. Yes it can, as long as the existing floor (1 single layer only!) is smooth, flat and well secured.  If the floor is not smooth, new plywood underlayment or an application of embossing leveller componds by trained, experienced installers can solve the problem.  The flex floors that are now on the market are another good option.  Ripping out the existing vinyl floor rarely leaves a clean, reliable surface suitable for installing a new no-wax floor. 

Q. Are there any new innovations with carpeting?

A. A new carpet fibre called Triexta is sold under the SmartStrand with Dupont Sorona brand.  This fibre has exceptional durability, softness and permanent stain resistance that is inherent in the fibre and will never wear or wash off.  Sorona is a renewably sourced polymer that not only is made partially with agricultural feedstocks instead of petrochemicals, it also has reduced emissions during production.

Q. Are Laminate floors easy to clean?

A. With regular maintenance, laminate floors are easy to look after.  You should sweep or vacuum daily (without beater bar) to remove grit.  Damp mop the floor periodically using the recommended cleaning products.  Improper cleaning solutions may damage the floor or leave a residue.  To avoid excessive surface moisture, apply cleaning solutions to the mop (don't pour it on the floor) and pick up spills promptly.

Q. What is the Beautiful Guarantee?

A. At Carpet One Floor & Home stores, installed flooring products with a Gold, Platinum or Titanium SelectAFloor warranty carry The Beautiful Guarantee.  60/90/120 days after installation, if you wish to change your floor for another SelectAFloor style (same product type) of equal or lesser value, simply contact your Carpet One dealer.  This is a one time only replacement that covers material and installation labour.  See store for details.

Q. I'm confused.  Should I be looking at porcelain floor tile or ceramic floor tile for my kitchen?

A. Porcelain tile is a harder, more durable and more stain resistant tile than ceramic.  It usually has one colour throughtout the tile body but it also comes ina variety of glazes and textures.
Ceramic til is generally less expensive than porcelain tile and has a solid history of hundreds of years of use.  Ceramic tile will also exhibit more colour consistency than porcelain tile.

Q. Is having a hardwood floor installed in my kitchen a good idea?

A. Hardwood floors in the kitchen are successful if you are willing to follow some precautions.  You must control humidity levels and wood floors may need some expansion space at the perimeter of the kitchen (including the cabinets).  Wipe up all surface spills promptly.  To prevent indentations and scratches, don't roll or drag appliances across your hardwood floor, utilize clean felt pads and stand up before moving your chairs.  Proper maintenance can keep your hardwood floor looking great for years.